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Our Hollywood Bartending School Campus not only has a great location – we feature a modern school and friendly, professional, industry expert Bartending Instructors to match! We can train you to be a competent, working bartender in as little as two weeks, and offer flexible course & payment options. Our full-time placement staff will work hard to help you find that killer bartending job. At National Bartenders School we truly take your success seriously!

Hollywood Campus Staff Profiles———————————————————

James – Hollywood Campus Job Placement Director
James – Job Placement Director

Alex – National Bartenders School Instructor
Alex – Bartending Instructor

Sondra – National Bartenders School Instructor
Sondra – Bartending Instructor

James Hendrix is a bartender and one of National Bartenders leading Job Placement Directors. James takes pride in supplying our graduates with outstanding job placement assistance. Everything from helping to create successful bartending resumes to sending graduates out to meet with bar managers looking to hire bartenders at once. Work with him and believe that you will get to the top. From pre-interview screenings to revising your resume James will have you ready in less than an hour. Once you are prepared, getting the job will be a breeze!

Born in Los Angeles , Alex spent 10 years as a bartender in Honolulu, Hawaii . He worked in every atmosphere. From the high-end hotel beach bar, to the overcrowded college “dive” bar. From nightclubs that stayed open till 4 am, to restaurants that specialized in martinis and wine. He prides his service on speed and accuracy, with a balance of making his customers feel welcome and attended to at all times. Alex has always enjoyed passing on what he knows about the bar and service industry to those that are curious about making it a career. As an instructor at NBS he will teach you that if you remember your patrons’ names, what they drink, and make them forget about their workday, you will get very far in this business.
It’s pretty much agreed that a good bartender is one of the best things in life, like a fabulous hairdresser or just the right bra. A good bartender knows not only how to keep you at that perfect level of tipsy while celebrating, but also when to hand you a drink and let you wallow.
My story starts two years after I’d finished college: I was working in a small Southern town at a desk job that I hated. After hearing me cry about what I was doing with my life, my best friend offered to let me move in with her and her girlfriend in Los Angeles so I could start over. Within a few months, I quit my job and moved across the country. On a whim, I searched the internet for bartending schools in the city and less than a month after moving to the west coast I was a certified bartender. My plan was to bartend until I found my passion, but it turned out that bartending is my passion! Now most of my life revolves around bartending: I teach it at one of the most respected schools in Hollywood (okay, so I’m biased), I bartend regularly for a wedding venue in Culver City, and I have brand reps and private clients I make myself available to whenever the need arises. Bartending is fun and I don’t want anyone to think it’s as intimidating as I once did, so I wrote this kit to help all you little lovebugs see just how accessible it can be […]

Source article: Become a Badass Bartender: The Kit
RECENT GRADUATE FEEDBACK ———————————————————

Dale Effren
“The National Bartending School of Los Angeles is fantastic! The atmosphere is so welcoming and inspiring it makes you want to work hard at becoming a great bartender. The people that work there are awesome and the job placement after you graduate is wonderful too. I still go in there and practice from time to time 2 years after graduating. I would highly recommend this school to anybody who is interested in bartending.”

Romney Marino
“As far as the school goes, Andrew Willett is AMAZING. He truly is an asset to the Hollywood NBS. He is so knowledgable and really gives you a feel for how drinks SHOULD be done properly even if we get a job that wants us to make drinks “cheap and slutty” with sour mix. So I give him 5 stars! And I always appreciate your emails, they are that glimmer of hope in my week.”

Guy / Now working @ Bar 1912 Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA
“After attending the school I interviewed with Bar 1912 at The Beverly Hills Hotel. During the interview they asked me several questions to test my knowledge; the difference between a Gibson and a Gimlet, the grading system for Cognac, to name a couple. Thanks to your extensive training I passed the test with flying colors and was hired as part of their opening team. I’m still there six months later and very happy with my job. Had it not been for the course I don’t think I would have made it… Thanks for everything,”

“I currently work at the Bonaventure Brewing Co. in the Westin Hotel downtown. I went to bartending school in 2001, but I still use the job leads. I find them very helpful. Thanks. ”

Richard Wayland – (Riordan’s Tavern – Downtown Los Angeles, CA)
“I’m happily working at Riordan’s Tavern in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s still so great to have your job postings, though, as they keep me informed on all the hottest new jobs around town, so I can stay on top of my options.Lastly, I just have to say that I owe so much to Andrew, a true mixologist instructor who knew how to make real artistic sense of mixing drinks, rather than just spouting ingredients and recipes. Thanks so much!”

Jabriel D.
“Dear NBS, Thank you very much for your job board postings. I recently replied to an ad from a hotel in Marina Del Rey. I went in for an interview and was hired a week later! ”

Stephanie Jones
“From the first phone call to the school, Patty made me feel welcome and informed, she explained all aspects of the school and instantly I felt comfortable choosing National. Then the instructers Mario, Carlo and David were all highly knowledgeable, entertaining, patient and effective. I particularly LOVE the fact as a student I can be a life time member, can always come back in and practice and have the additional support of job placement assistance. The entire experience was so easy and fun and delivered even more than was promised. I highly recommend National Bartender’s School of LA. ”

Ready to get started on your way to an exciting, high-paying bartending job? Then you’ve come to the right place. National Bartenders Hollywood Bartending School can give you the skills you need to succeed in this fast-paced, high growth industry. The hottest bars, nightclubs and restaurants in Los Angeles are hiring, so what are you waiting for? Call 213.380.3200 and reserve your seat in our next class today!

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